Company Profile

Corporate Name Chromo Research Inc.
Head Office

3-5-10 Marunouchi Naka-ku, Nagoya, 460-0002, JAPAN
TEL: +81-52-971-7201, FAX: +81-52-971-2337

Foundation October 6, 2003
Paid-in Capital 13,450,000 JPY
Board Members
Tsuneko Okazaki, Ph.D. President and CEO,
Professor emeritus at Nagoya University
Masashi Ikeno, Ph.D. Director,
Special-appointment Research Instructor at School of Medicine, Keio University
Sachiko Suno Director
Chairwoman of Medical & Biological Laboratories Co., Ltd.
Yukiko Kodera Director
Yuji Noda Auditor

Our Mission

For more than 20 years, Tsuneko Okazaki and her collaborators, founders of Chromo Research Inc., have been conducted research at Nagoya University and Fujita-Health University to determine the functional elements on human chromosomes that are required to maintain and transmit the chromosomes during the cell division cycle. On the basis of an idea obtained from these studies, that chromosomal structure plays a key role in the expression of tightly controlled genes and in the stable transmission of chromosomes to cells in the next generation, they constructed a human artificial chromosome HAC vector with three functional chromosomal elements. HAC has no genes other than the three elements, a high cloning capacity, no danger of causing mutation by integration into host chromosomes, and stable existence after mitosis. By transferring HACs into various cell lines, transgenic mice with a HAC have been successfully constructed.

By the end of 2000, a rough draft of the human genome was finished under the initiative of the Human Genome Project, and the polished final draft (3.2x109 nucleotides) was completed in 2003. Since then, researchers have been actively exploring the utilization of genomic information for the elucidation of life phenomena and for R & D in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. In the post-genome era, we are confident that HAC will be of great value as a novel vector in many basic research areas, especially in gene therapy and regenerative medicine.

With our knowledge and technologies that were obtained through years of research at universities, Chromo Research Inc was established in October 2003 to provide novel HAC-based, easy-to-use vectors and handling techniques that are applicable in a variety of fields, such as the basic life sciences, agriculture, medicine, and pharmacology. To contribute further to basic life science and advanced clinical research, the Chromo Research staff will continue our efforts to create improved HACs that satisfy a variety of requests.
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